Window Tint Removal

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A Cool Sun Window Tinting
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A Cool Sun Window Tinting can remove old, peeling, fading, purple and blurry tint from your vehicle and return it to it's point of visual clarity when looking through your vehicle windows. 

The difficult thing about removing tint is that most film is constructed of two layers of tinted polyester. When you try to peel the film off the glass, the top layer will usually pull right off leaving the second layer behind. This second layer will not peel off, it will just flake and tear like a price tag.You are more than likely to damage one or more of your defroster lines, when this happens, the cut line will not work anymore.

Please call A Cool Sun Window Tinting at 321-662-0627 or 321-926-7536 for professional window tint removal from your vehicle, TODAY!